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MediaFeed is a full-service content and audience development studio that helps brands and publishers develop and distribute genuinely compelling content. We build authentic connections between brands and people, by creating content that educates and entertains, consistently and at scale, while taking advantage of the various digital distribution channels, and the need for a true value exchange in this evolving media landscape.

The New Content Ecosystem is Born

For years the digital publishing landscape has been poised for disruption and in need of a change. A crisis in user experience is the result of the growing pressure from a broken advertising model, and the concurrent rising tide of low quality, untrustworthy content. Brands now have an unprecedented opportunity both to fix this broken model as well as establish powerful, direct connections with audiences through the development and distribution of clean, engaging and effective content that people actually want and need.

We Help Brands Think Like Publishers

MediaFeed works with companies to help them cut out the middlemen, reduce advertising spend, and to finally “own” their audiences.

For almost a decade, MediaFeed has been helping brands and publishers envision, create, and distribute authentic, engaging, and useful content, fostering genuine engagement, direct connections, and long-term relationships with audiences/consumers.

The Benefits of Brand Publishing

Brings down the cost of customer acquisition over time

Builds customer loyalty and engagement through content

Helps build a significant SEO Boost

Assists in gathering permission-based user data

Forms direct customer relationships

Grants the ability to test products/offers with a real audience

Ready to Engage
Your Audiences
in Exciting New Ways?

Integrating years of experience in journalism and media development with our vast publishing knowledge, we guide clients in building their own media publishing channels and successfully push that content through effective distribution channels, including syndication, social media, search and more.

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