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Ultimate success will be when media transforms back to being informative, trustworthy and pleasant to consume. But until then, we would settle for individual wins

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Success Stories
Because brands need to think like publishers

For years the digital publishing landscape has been poised for disruption and in need of a change. A crisis in user experience is the result of the growing pressure from a broken advertising model, and the concurrent rising tide of low quality content.

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Launching a FinTech Startup

MediaFeed worked with an early stage FinTech startup to both develop and execute its content strategy from the ground up. Results include the following:

  • MF wrote, edited & published 200+ articles by journalists & subject matter experts
  • Within a year, those articles were ranking on page 1 of Google for several core keywords
  • Within a year, organic traffic surpassed both paid and social as the primary traffic drivers
  • Organic traffic converted at 2x the rate of paid traffic and was 2x more lucrative
Growing a Non-Profit’s Already Massive Footprint

We worked closely with social and editorial teams at EDF, one of the world's largest non-profit environmental advocacy groups. Our work together broadly focused on the optimization and distribution of their rich library of editorial content and roster of subject matter experts.

Our work included:

  • Content development and syndication
  • Training teams on content and SEO optimization
  • An editorial content gap analysis
  • Editorial taxonomy design and support
  • Audience development and social integration
More than a Decade of Finance Expertise

MediaFeed helped more than 2 dozen established fintech brands develop and execute broad editorial and content distribution strategies.

Our background in finance and fintech stretches back more than a decade, and we’ve helped launch and manage editorial strategies for, SoFi, Intuit, Experian, Lifelock, Step, BBVA, Lending Tree, The US Chamber of Commerce and others.

Core competencies and KPIs

  • Developing a sustainable base of high intent, organic traffic
  • Managing compliance requirements
  • Editorial production, optimization and feed development & workflow
  • Managing and variety of conversion metrics

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